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Three Kinds Of Fertilizers Will Become The New Favorite In The Market

JIUXU INDUSTRIAL (HK) CO., LIMITED | Updated: Jul 05, 2018

According to recent forecasts, the three fertilizers will be popular in the market in the future.

1. Special fertilizer for vegetables and fruits

The prices of China's bulk agricultural products such as rice, wheat, corn and soybeans are currently 10%-70% higher than those of the international market, and their competitiveness in the international market is weak. The price of vegetables and fruits in China is about 30% lower than that of similar products in the international market, and it is highly competitive in the international market. After joining the WTO, the export volume of vegetables and fruits in China has increased significantly. It is expected that the demand for special fertilizers for vegetables and fruits will increase greatly.

2. Industrialized organic fertilizer

Long-term partial application of chemical fertilizers may lead to a decline in soil organic matter, resulting in a decline in the quality of crops, such as melon is not sweet, rice is not fragrant, and vegetables are tasteless. One of the key measures to improve the quality of agricultural products is to apply more organic fertilizer. The organic fertilizers treated by industrial processing are highly effective, and will gradually replace farmyard manure in the future and become the main force in the fertilizer industry, especially through the treatment of livestock manure and organic and inorganic compound fertilizers produced with a small amount of chemical fertilizers. Prospects can increase the use of organic fertilizers while improving and protecting the environment. It is estimated that organic and inorganic compound fertilizers in the 21st century will be based on organic fertilizers (containing more than 70% of organic matter), and a small amount of inorganic fertilizer will be transported to the place where organic fertilizer resources are concentrated, and modulated to regulate nitrogen and phosphorus in organic fertilizers. , potassium ratio or increase in available nitrogen in organic fertilizer. It is predicted that the amount of organic fertilizer applied in the 21st century will gradually increase.

3, efficient control of release fertilizer

Future fertilizers will not only develop in the direction of high concentration and high quality, but also develop in the direction of high efficiency (high utilization), energy saving, and compounding (multi-functional composite). High-efficiency fertilizer is one of the internationally recognized trends in fertilizer development in the 21st century. The main development direction of high-efficiency fertilizer is the production of slow-release and controlled-release fertilizers and fertilizers and foliar fertilizers with nitrification inhibitors or urease inhibitors.

“Energy-saving” fertilizer not only means lowering the cost of chemical fertilizer production, but also enhancing competitiveness. More importantly, it saves resources and is conducive to sustainable development. The dissolution rate of high-efficiency high-quality release fertilizer and the release rate of nutrients can be controlled, which can maximize fertilizer utilization. Due to the large-scale use of controlled release fertilizers in the developed countries, the utilization rate of chemical fertilizers has reached more than 60%. Therefore, high-efficiency quality control release fertilizer has a broad market space.

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