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Deicer And Cooling Bath Of Calcium Chloride

JIUXU INDUSTRIAL (HK) CO., LIMITED | Updated: May 02, 2018

Calcium chloride can reduce the freezing point of water, and the spread of calcium chloride hydrate on the road can prevent ice and deicing snow, but the salt water after melting ice and snow will destroy the soil and vegetation along the road and make the pavement concrete worse.

Calcium chloride solution can also be mixed with dry ice to prepare low temperature cooling bath. The rod like dry ice was added to the brine solution in batches until the ice appeared in the system. Different types and concentrations of salt solution can maintain a stable temperature of cooling bath will be different. Calcium chloride is commonly used as the salt raw material by adjusting the concentration to obtain the required temperature, not only because calcium chloride is cheap and easy to obtain, but also because the eutectic temperature of the calcium chloride solution (the temperature of the solution all condenses into granular ice salt particles) is quite low and can reach -51.0 C, so that the adjustable temperature is made. Range from 0 to -51 C. This method can be achieved in the Dewar bottle which can have the heat preservation effect, and can also use the general plastic container to fill the cooling bath when the Dewar bottle is limited and more salt solution needs to be prepared. In this case, the maintenance of the temperature is also more stable.

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