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What is the application prospect of edible magnesium chloride?

JIUXU INDUSTRIAL (HK) CO., LIMITED | Updated: Jul 10, 2018

Food grade magnesium chloride can be used as a stabilizer or coagulant in bean products, but industrial products are not allowed to be used in place of food grade products. Tofu made from brine (food grade magnesium chloride aqueous solution) is more toasted than stone, and is also used as an additive for some foods at home and abroad.
Edible magnesium chloride is mainly used as an additive in food production. As a coagulant, it is widely used in the production of soy products. The tofu made with it retains the characteristics of Chinese traditional tofu, such as elasticity and delicious taste, and its appearance is white and tender, the taste is delicate, and it has heat-clearing and detoxifying and lipid-lowering. Pressure effect. Its quality is tender and strong, refreshing and flexible, suitable for both young and old, is the best recipe in people's food basket. At the same time, edible magnesium chloride in the food processing process, as a curing agent, leavening agent, protein coagulant, yeast, water removal agent, tissue improver, etc., in medicine, salt, mineral water, bread, aquatic products, fruits Vegetables and other industries are also widely used in the production and processing of the industry.

Food grade magnesium chloride should be stored in a dry storage, dry and ventilated to prevent moisture.

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