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The mysterious chemicals behind the chlorine in the pool

JIUXU INDUSTRIAL (HK) CO., LIMITED | Updated: May 02, 2018

The optimal pH value of disinfectants in swimming pools is between 7.2 and 7.8. So the operators of the pool must add another class of compounds to the water to keep the pH value in this range and maintain the balance between hypochloric and hypochlorite ions, "said Lachocki." the typical chemicals that control the pH value include hydrochloric acid (hydrochloric acid), sodium hydrogen sulfate, carbon dioxide, sulphuric acid and sodium carbonate. . Sodium bicarbonate will also be used, but its effect on the total alkalinity of water is greater than its effect on the pH value of water. "

All the chemicals involved in swimming pools are of great commercial value. According to Pkdata, a market research company, there are more than 8 million 500 thousand residential pools in the United States based on the data collected in the swimming pool and the spa industry, which has injected more than 719 billion liters of water. Therefore, the market value of the chemicals needed is about US $2 billion.

The chemicals needed for swimming pools will cost a lot of money, especially when people sometimes need a green swimming pool. The swimming pool in the 2016 Summer Olympic Games in Rio De Janeiro presented a slight emerald color, which could be caused by the growth of algae or the excessive use of copper - alginic agents. Of course, the actual culprits are nowhere to be seen at the end, because Olympic officials have failed to conduct chemical tests on their drainage and water injection systems.

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