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Production method of ferrous sulfate

JIUXU INDUSTRIAL (HK) CO., LIMITED | Updated: May 02, 2018

Industrial Law

1. Sulfuric acid method: dissolve iron filings in the mixture of dilute sulphuric acid and mother liquor to control the reaction temperature below 80 degrees Celsius, otherwise precipitation of ferrous sulfate will be precipitated. The slightly acidic ferrous sulfate solution produced by reaction is removed by clarification, and then cooled and centrifuged to obtain light green ferrous sulfate.

2, the production of titanium dioxide byproduct Law: ilmenite using sulfuric acid decomposition of titanium dioxide, the production of ferrous sulfate and ferric sulfate, ferric iron reduced to two valent iron. The by-product of ferrous sulfate can be obtained by freezing crystallization.

3. Dissolve 200 industrial ferrous sulphate in 400 distilled water at 70~80 degrees, add a small amount of silver sulfate in the hot solution and steam through boiling to remove Cl-. The Cl- content qualified solution is cooled, adjusted ph=5~6 and hydrogen sulfide, so that the plasma content of Zn2+ and Cu2+ is qualified. Then filter, the filtrate must be clear. After boiling the filtrate to boil 1H, after the sedimentation is complete, filtration and filtrate are chemically pure sulphuric acid for ph=1~2, the evaporation is condensed to 38~40 C, and the filtrate is reused with chemical pure sulfuric acid for ph=1, cooling crystallization, drying, and drying to the non dip spoon below 60 C, the finished product should be sealed, avoid light and strictly prohibit organic mixture. The mother liquid can be recycled.

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