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Preparation of lithium hydroxide monohydrate

JIUXU INDUSTRIAL (HK) CO., LIMITED | Updated: May 02, 2018

Preparation of lithium hydroxide monohydrate by freezing method of lithium sulfate (freezing crystallization, evaporation crystallization and drying)

The principle of lithium sulphate freezing method for lithium hydroxide monohydrate is to add a certain amount of sodium hydroxide solution in lithium sulfate solution, and use sodium sulfate at low solubility at low temperature to remove sodium sulfate and form a certain concentration of lithium hydroxide solution. A concentrated lithium sulfate solution is added to the mixture of sodium hydroxide solution. The mixed solution precipitates ten sodium sulfate crystals by DTB cooling crystallizer (operating temperature of -5 C - -10 C). Ten sodium sulfate crystal can produce sodium sulfate products by thermal melting and evaporation crystallization. The mother liquor separated by centrifugation is evaporated to obtain crude lithium hydroxide monohydrate. The crude product is redissolved and barium hydroxide is added to form insoluble barium sulfate. Filtration and filtrate are evaporated, crystallized and separated to get a wet one water lithium hydroxide; then a drying product of lithium hydroxide is dried by a disc dryer.

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