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Potassium fertilizer advantages and disadvantages large PK

JIUXU INDUSTRIAL (HK) CO., LIMITED | Updated: Jul 04, 2018

When it comes to potash, everyone is familiar with it, and it is also the most widely sold fertilizer. Here, I will introduce you to the advantages and disadvantages of various potash fertilizers.
Potassium nitrate
Advantages: moderate price, good instant solubility, not easy to absorb moisture, neutral fertilizer, providing nitrate nitrogen absorption fast;

Disadvantages: Dissolving heat and lowering the temperature, it is easy to cause the accumulation of nitrite in crops under adverse conditions (forbidden to use in organic agriculture), which is a nitrate, which has certain safety hazards during storage and processing. The

Potassium chloride
Advantages: low price, high potassium content, good instant solubility, neutral fertilizer;

Disadvantages: Dissolved heat absorption, easy to absorb moisture, chlorine, a lot of long-term use has certain side effects. The

Potassium sulfate
Advantages: low price, high potassium content, not easy to absorb moisture, can provide sulfur element;

Disadvantages: Dissolved endothermic, weakly acidic, physiologically acidic fertilizer, the sulfur contained easily combines with calcium to form a slightly soluble calcium sulfate, which can cause acidification and compaction of the soil after application. The

Potassium dihydrogen phosphate
Advantages: It is not easy to absorb moisture, and the total content of phosphorus and potassium is high. It is an essential raw material in high-content powder water-soluble fertilizer.

Disadvantages: Dissolved heat absorption, its own weak acidity, is a physiological acid fertilizer, the phosphorus mobility is easy to be fixed, and it is easy to cause soil acidification and compaction after application. The

Potassium carbonate
Advantages: high potassium content, alkaline, can reduce acidity and release CO2 after application, increase the concentration of CO2 in local microenvironment, and enhance the photosynthesis intensity;

Disadvantages: easy to absorb moisture, easy to flatulence, strong corrosive.

Organic potassium
Advantages: Alkaline fertilizer can reduce soil acidity and provide a large amount of quick-acting carbon fertilizer;

Disadvantages: easy to absorb moisture, high price.

(multiple) potassium polyphosphate
Advantages: high phosphorus and potassium content, dissolution and exothermic, alkaline, good mobility of phosphorus, high utilization rate, acid reduction after application, fluffy soil, improved soil quality, and quick and long-term effect;

Disadvantages: easy to absorb moisture, high price. What potash is best? Because there are too many factors involved, the public public husband said that the woman is reasonable, so there is a "potassium in my fertilizer is provided by potassium nitrate or potassium dihydrogen phosphate, does not contain chlorine and sulfur, is The best fertilizer, says, "Is it a good person to drive a good car?" Similarly, is the composition of your expensive fertilizers good? not necessarily. The comprehensive price, nutrient composition, fertilizer properties, application status and other factors, potassium fertilizer is not the best, only the most suitable.

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